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​​​​​​​“Isabelle sets the bar high, implementing creative strategies to achieve outstanding results for her clients. Drawing upon her vast network of relationships and experience in interior design & architecture and strategic corporate design, she provides an uncommon advantage to the discriminating seller. Many of Isabelle’s buying clients have been known to purchase the first property shown to them—testament to her attentiveness and exceptional client care.”

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Isabelle Laub helped me find and purchase a premium property in SF and my experience could not have been better. A long time resident of the SF-Marin area, Isabelle knows the area real estate market as well as anyone I have encountered. I came to her upon the recommendation of a friend with a description of what I was looking for and she quickly identified several properties to show me, all of which were wonderful and none of which were a waste of time seeing. She has a discerning eye...

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however, and I always felt I was getting insightful, balanced, and honest opinions and advice from her on each property she showed me. Within a few weeks she found the perfect property for me, and once she knew I loved it she and her impressive team at Coldwell managed and expedited in every aspect of the sale, helping me make the right offer, reviewing all the property particulars and docs to make sure everything was in order, and working with my lender and the title company and the like to make it all happen. She is impressively organized, was constantly on top of everything, and kept me constantly up to date with important information about the sale by text and e-mails. She and her team made the experience easy, seamless, and fun. Isabelle exceeded my expectations in every aspect of my dealings with her throughout the purchase of the property."

"Our family home in Mill Valley was built in 1948. Aside from the addition of a master bedroom in 1957 the house has been untouched since. When my mother died several years ago, the beneficiaries of the property were undecided as to what to do with it: rent, sell, keep, and occupy. It has views of Tiburon, San Francisco, Sausalito, Mt. Tamalpais like no other, but the house was worn out. I was approached by Mrs. Laub who offered to represent us in a sale of the property. But like an exquisite painting (view)...

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with a battered frame (house) it was decided that we should keep the property and rent it until such time as the right decision could be made to please all. There were 69 years of accumulated "treasures," a leaking roof, plumbing problems--in short, a project that no one really wanted to tackle and for which the outcome was difficult to visualize. Laub to the rescue. She put a plan together for us to turn into an income-producing asset. With her interiors background, eye for detail, lists of specialists and connections, and continued oversight of the contractors working in the house, it was emptied, cleaned, painted, tile fixed, dishwasher installed, doors and windows repaired, roof leaks fixed, yard cleaned, and brought back to life. A working asset was the result, a house that someone would be pleased and excited to live in. All this took place in about five-week's time, from the decision to finished product. The place is rented at market rates. We couldn't be happier with the outcome. So with Isabelle Laub you don't only get a realtor; you get a knowledgeable, committed professional with extras not found in just any realtor."

"Isabelle Laub, my Realtor with Coldwell Banker, prepared me to purchase a home in Marin or Sonoma County, when I suddenly switched course and decided to move to the east coast to be near my family. Instead of braving the cold in the north where my family members live, I opted for Florida. The problem: I knew not a soul there. Within a few days of discussing this with Isabelle, she had reached out to agents in the St. Augustine area – not just Coldwell Banker agents but agents from several brokerages...

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searching for the best match for me. She called me to say, “I gave this Realtor your contact information. I’ve interviewed her, I liked her very much and I think you will too.” I had worked with Isabelle in the past. I knew she was hard working, very smart, intuitive and so helpful. Having trust and confidence in your agent, and the company they work for, made the experience smooth and actually enjoyable! Both Realtors work for Coldwell Banker, an international brokerage with a long history and an excellent and proven track record. Relocating has many moving parts. Isabelle’s involvement was a major part of the success I had in relocating across the country. I now have a wonderful home thanks to her efforts on my behalf."